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World Cup Song Marketing Plan/ Volenteers Needed

February 26, 2010

Once again, a BIG shout-out and thank you to all our fans and supporters this year. You are all doing a totally fantastic job “chanting” on England and getting our little England supporters’ track, Chant Like an English Fan!” a lot of airplay and exposure.

In order to make it even easier for anybody to help plug our track and lend a hand (the more the merrier, please!) this year, on this page we’ve just outlined a few things you can do to pitch in that are pretty simple to do.


  1. Friend with us on MySpace: and ask ALL your friends to friend with us too.
  2. Put us in your Top Friends on MySpace.
  3. Upload our song to your MySpace page.
  4. Follow us on and help us by retweeting our tweets
  5. Reciprocal links – we love these, promote us on your site and we’ll ditto on ours!
  6. Promote us on Facebook
  7. Blog about us and our song

More pro-active stuff below…

  1. Phone and email your local radio station and ask them to play our song, “Chant Like an English Fan!” by The Laddz.

Just to make it super easy, here’s some text that you can cut and paste into your email, and below that is a link to all the UK media outlets you’ll ever need:

Hi there!

There’s no ‘official’ World Cup song for England this year, but we’ve just heard “Chant Like an English Fan” by The Laddz and think it’s fab. Please can you play this when you get the chance to help get us in the mood for some great football this year!

Come on England…!

(That gives you an idea, anyway!) Here’s the URL for the email addresses and phone numers:

Once again, thanks to you all for helping make our song a big success and helping Chant England to their SECOND WIN… Come on England, let’s bring the Cup back home where it belongs…!

World Cup Song on the Radio

February 24, 2010

Great news! and a big thank you to all of your for your support… “Chant Like an English Fan!” is now starting to get some excellent early radio play…!

You will be able to hear it this week on:

Venture Radio, John Peters’ Show 18.00 GMT, and

Sean McGinty, Presenter BBC Introducing & Social Media Producer

listen online

Please continue to phone and email your local radio station to ask to hear them play it. With your support, we can really get the word out there about our catchy World Cup England song, and help Chant England on to success this year.

And, please continue to follow us on @theladdz

hear the track still Myspace

Top 10 England World Cup Songs

February 21, 2010

Remember this…?

We made it to #7 back in 2006, I wonder if we’ll get ranked higher this year? Here’s the full list of the Top 10:

1. Embrace – World at Your Feet
2. Sham 69 & the Special Assembly – Hurry Up England
3. Ricky – We Are England
4. Dead Poets Society – England My England
5. Crazy Frog – We Are the Champions
6. New Order – World In Motion
7. The Laddz – Chant Like and English Fan
8. Tone Def All Stars – Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Jurgen Klinsmann?
9. Tony Christie – (Is This the Way to) The World Cup
10. John Leyton – Hi Ho Come on England

I wonder who’s going to be in the running this year? Either way, England looks well placed to score a smash hit with the fans and put on a great show… not long to wait now.

We hope you enjoy our song in the meantime, and keep coming back to hear news about free giveaways and our official release date when you can finally own your own copy of our track.

Countdown to World Cup 2010

February 20, 2010

“Football’s coming home…!”

This is an exciting year for FOOTBALL… you can feel the excitement in the air. After a tough year for everybody, with bad economic news, wars, Haiti, etc., isn’t it great to just relax, kick back, and look forward to some really great sports… and a likely England WIN…!

We’re all excited about the way our little song is being received this year… we’re glad people find it fun and catchy. It’s had a little radio play so far and lots of interest on the internet.

Please continue your support of England and our track, “Chant Like An English Fan!” and also please continue to adapt our song to chant and cheer your support for your local teams.

Downloadable ringtone coming soon…

Join us on

Follow us on

and friend with us on Facebook…!

111 Day Until the World Cup 2010

February 19, 2010

“Na-na na-na-na na-na-na-na England!”

Only 111 days to go before the start of the greatest sports event in the world. Are we looking at an England win this year? You bet!

Get your voices and your drinking arms ready for some great soccer… football… what-e-ver… and remember to keep using our song to Chant for your favourite local team…

Hear the song:

Follow us:

And we’re also on Facebook, but don’t know how to give you the link!!!???

Fan Mail: Chant Ideas…

February 12, 2010

Thanks for all the support for our “unofficial” World Cup 2010 England song. It’s still months away, but we’re excited at the attention our catchy (albeit corny) little Chant is getting.

We thought this was a great idea from a fan who emailed us, we hope it catches on…

Hi Laddz,

I love the song and I’ll be sure to chant it for the World Cup, but in the meantime I hope you don’t mind me changing it a little and chanting it from the stands. You could write lyrics for all the UK clubs! I just shout out:

“Chant like a Vil-la fan… Come an’ score a goal, if ya fink ya fast enough…!”


Thanks for that idea, Mike. In fact that’s a great thing about our track – you can adapt it to almost any team you support prior to the World Cup. We’d love to hear from any other fans that have started to shout it out at their local games, feel free to change it. Richard prefers:

“Chant like a Man U fan…”

REMEMBER: Full details and lyrics at and follow us

2010 Olympics…

February 9, 2010

Talk about something to put a whopping great big spanner in the works of a beautiful year – the bloody Olympics!

Finally a world cup year comes around and lo and behold… an outdated Greek tradition comes along to spoil things.

Let’s see what you think…

And please remember to keep following us @theladdz on twitter and we need more friends on

Thanks for your continued support!