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World Cup: Unofficial England World Cup Song Re-released
London — With the latest round of football madness almost upon us, and the FA announcing that they’re going to focus on football this year and not release an official World Cup 2010 England song, it’s time once more for the supporters to go wild. Every year to commemorate the start of the World Cup an array of hopeful talent produces some interesting anthems, chants, and ditties to cheer along the hopeful England fans.
An “almost made it” from the last World Cup back in 2006 has decided to contend for the title of “England’s best unofficial World Cup 2010 song”. The London-based band, The Laddz, is hoping their Bangles spoof, “Chant Like An English Fan!” will have even more success than it had four years ago.
Co-writer, Anthony Donnelly said, “A lot has happened in four years. Back in 2006 we really didn’t have a clue what we were doing, and were really surprised by the results we got.” For an unknown band, they were fortunate enough to get a fair bit of media and airplay on local and national radio. They also barely missed getting signed to a lable, which astounded them all.
“Just like football, the music business is a funny old game,” states Richard Eyre, the other half of the writing duo. “It was only after the World Cup was over that we really started to get some praise for what we managed to achieve.”
This year, with four more years of experience, even though the duo now live at opposite ends of the world (Richard in Thailand and Anthony in the US) they are way ahead of the curve this time around. Hoping that the same online marketing that President Obama used to win the election in America will work for their football chant, the partnership are taking no chances.
“We’re pulling out all the stops this year,” said Donnelly. “We’re using everything we can to improve our chances of success.” They certainly are, and it appears to be working. Traffic to their myspace site ( is already up 30%, their traffic on twitter (@theladdz) is climbing, and their blog ( already has an avid following.
Currently they are looking for DJs interested in mixing a dance version of their song, and any people around the world interested in helping to proactively assist in promoting the song. With so much activity, and the England squad focussing on football, will we see a repeat of 1966 – the last time there wasn’t an official song? That result is anybody’s guess.
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