LB’s Top Chat-up Lines…

Kick-off’s still a while a away, so we thought we’d fill ya in with some light entertainment whilst we wait… we thought this was rather funny, and we’d love to hear some of your own chat-up one-liners (the cheesier the better, and how well they worked!)

  1. Grab yer coat, you’ve pulled.
  2. It was a toss-up between another beer and shagging you tonight. I guess you’re lucky I ran out of money!
  3. You’re the only girl in here my mates haven’t screwed, so I guess you’re a safe bet.
  4. It might just be that I’m drunk, but I think you’re really sexy. Wanna prove how sexy you are and wake up with me in the morning?
  5. They say, “Every dog has it’s day” well I guess this is your lucky night!
  6. Okay, that’s it for now, post yer comments and your own lines…

Rock on England… 2010 is the year we’ll all get laid more and win the World Cup back!!!

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