World Cup: 4-1 England v Germany

The Three Lions hang their manes in shame, but not for the lack of support from the fans, and not for the want of VIDEO REFEREES NEEDED…!!!

If that bloody, foreign ref that disallowed a BLATANT equalizing goal from England is still alive, I’m sure his football career as a ref is over, or will be plagued with DEATH THREATS from now until his grave! It was downright disgraceful refereeing (especially when the ref in the Mex v Argentina game just ALLOWED an offside goal from Argentina!)

Certainly, these matches have great entertainment value and will be talked about for weeks to come.

England did well, coming back very strong after half time, but the younger, fitter, German squad capitalized on the ill-gotten 2-1 lead, and our veteran squad just couldn’t pull it together. It was nice to finally see Rooney actually playing football with his team mates this match, but sadly not enough.

ONLY ONE THING good can come of the England v Germany ref BLUNDER and the action from Mexico v Argentina going on right now: FIFA… sort your fucking refs out and get video coverage to stop FUCKING UP…!!!

I can read the headlines in the British papers now…

Cheers for keeping the England “Chant” alive and CHANTING LIKE AN ENGLISH FAN…

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3 Comments on “World Cup: 4-1 England v Germany”

  1. i will chant like i were an english supporter: hover over rooney’s pic here: and you’ll see. alsow the two main reasons for england’s defeat

  2. Merty Says:

    It was horrible that the call was missed. Terrible. But you have to admit that the better team won. I find it terribly symmetrical to 1966. That ball was not over the line, yet the goal was given — and don’t forget that decision gave the trophy to England.

    I know the English all say “well, we won anyway, 3-1”. And the same thing can be said today. Sure a goal wasn’t given, but Germany scored 4 goals against England, and those goals didn’t have anything to do with the refs.

  3. MBE-Squad Says:

    Thanks for the comments, but the ref also made a WRONG call on Rooney’s first attempt at the goal, which blatantly wasn’t offside and would have been a goal, since there was NOBODY there to stop him (Neuer certainly didn’t look prepared!)

    With that incident, and not going into half time tied at 2-2, there is no way to say that England would not have scored, or the game gone into extra time in the second half. That’s what makes football so great, it’s not just physical, it’s mental also.

    It’s over, the wrong call was made, we have to live with it, but we don’t have to like it. Especially when you have Neuer confessing he knew and fooled the ass ref…! See my latest blog entry for that one.

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