World Cup: Neuer’s Confession (no Gestapo needed!)

This comment from German goal keeper, Maunuel Neuer, now has me fuming and is on my HIT LIST along with ass. ref. Jorge Larrionda:

“I didn’t react because I just wanted to concentrate on carrying on and making the game fast,” said Neuer, who plays for Schalke in the German Bundesliga. “I realized it was tight, but I was quite sure it was over the line. I think that perhaps the way I carried on so quickly fooled the referee and made him think it was not over.”

So, no Gestapo interrogation needed there. Why didn’t he have the INTEGRITY to fess up then and there…? If the German’s are happy to have won by… well… it’s as close to CHEATING as you can get, based on the above CONFESSION…! so be it, look where it got them the last time they tried to make up the rules in Europe?

The fact that Germany went on playing the advantage with 2 more goals cannot be considered due to the psychological advantage entering the second half one goal up creates.

I’m not happy with the German team, nor the ref’s WRONG decision. I rest my case.

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2 Comments on “World Cup: Neuer’s Confession (no Gestapo needed!)”

  1. as I said, one only needed eyes to see that goal. i’m sure you could be anywhere in that stadium, except the loo 🙂 and still see it. actually, the whole world saw it. only the ref didn’t, and had to look to that idiot assistant. makes you sick, irrespective of the final result.

  2. MBE-Squad Says:

    I totally agree! And you COULD probably have seen it from the loo!

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