#WorldCup2018 England 2 Tunisia 1 – Chant it from the rooftops!

Well, most people didn’t have their hopes up for the England Squad, but how wrong they were!


What a stonking first match for England! They came out with fighting spirit, no nerves in sight. First goal almost within the first ten minutes really set the tune for the match… Sloppy refereeing missed much of the push-and-shove technique from Tunisia (which was ultimately their downfall!)… An unnecessary penalty equalized at half time, BUT… The Lions came back with avengence in the second half, and through pressure and persistence made it a cracking 2:1 finish to England…!!! Great play by Kane… a player to watch as the competition heats up.

The only thing that was missing admidst the fan-tastist chanting from the stands was to hear, “Ay-o whey-o, Chant Like An English Fan… Come An’ Score A Goal If Ye Think Ye Fast Engough!”

If you haven’t heard the song, have a listen via the link below:





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2 Comments on “#WorldCup2018 England 2 Tunisia 1 – Chant it from the rooftops!”

  1. Chant-Squad Says:

    Reblogged this on Chant Like An English Fan and commented:

    Get your pub to play it… Get your local radio to play it… Get every-fucking-one to play it…!

  2. Reblogged this on Author & Writer Anthony Donnelly and commented:
    Best football I’ve seen England play in a long, long time… let’s see how far we can take this…

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