Since the untimely and tragic motorbike fatality of co-creator, Richard Eyre, The Laddz are proudly releasing CHANT LIKE AN ENGLISH FAN for the 2018 Russia World Cup in his honour. RiP Rich, you’ll be sadly missed 😦 but we’ll keep rocking…!


The Laddz is the brainchild of Anthony Donnelly (writer) & Richard Eyre (writer) who are long time friends and old school buddies from Langley Park School in Beckenham. The two first envisaged the band some years ago after Ant turned to his American wife, Maureen, one morning and started singing, Talk Like An Englishman to the tune of The Bangles classic 80s hit Walk Like An Egyptian. It became an instant hit with his kids (who had already been taught the words and actions to Swing Low Sweet Chariot – much to Maureen’s disgust!)

Ant shared this humorous incident with Richard over a long and drunken international phone call to England. Many beers later, they both decided that, with a bit of work and some solid promotion, it had the potential to be a great World Cup anthem which could be sung down the local. After all, how difficult could it be to bring out a new song..?

Some 5 years later their dream was finally realized when they were lucky enough to find LB (Linford Killick), Rory Rest & Jim Spinks the front of house side of The Laddz.

All three have all played in various bands over the years. LB (lead vocals) made his debut at The Labyrinth in Londons East End, MC’ing with MC Ruff from The Prodigy and DJing on Dream FM. He went on to form a local band, Indecision, which drew its influences from Punk and Rock & Roll. Indecision played in local venues such as The Gun and The Clock Tower in Croydon. If you follow boxing, you probably recognise his name. His dad, Ronnie Killick boxed at The Fisher Club in Bermondsey, and went on to run The Henry Cooper Boxing Gym in the Old Kent Road.

Rory Rest (lead guitar) and Jim Spinks (rhythm guitar) first played together in a band called 9th Mirage that regularly gigged their way across Londons venues, filling coaches of fans for various gigs. 9th Mirage featured at The Battle of The Bands in Croydon, and played various venues such as The Cartoon, The Gun, The Kings Head in Fulham and The Standard in Walthamstow. Together they are The Laddz.

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