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It’s A Funny Old Game…

April 24, 2010

Some funny facts about our song “Chant Like an English Fan” by The Laddz, and some very early predictions…

Liam Sternberg, the writer and composer of the music and lyrics for “Walk Like an Egyptian” upon which “Chant” is based, is a Frenchman. Boo, hiss…!

“Walk Like an Egyptian” was originally performed by the brilliant girl band, The Bangles, who are American… England is playing the US in their first match on June 12th… more booing and hissing…!

The FA refused to play “Chant” at half-time during the friendly England vs Egypt match at Wembley earlier this year… boo, boo, hisssss…!

Now, some early predictions by Mad Ant based on the above… Perhaps some people won’t like our track because of the Egyptian, American, and French associations, but…

England WILL BEAT America¬†3 – 0 in their June 12th match…

The crowd at Wembley would have loved the song, but England still beat Egypt 4 – 0

If England is plays against France, England will win 2 – 1 after leading 1 – 0 at half-time…

Only time will tell, if Mad Ant is really a football tipster psychic, but the games are only a few weeks away now, and you read it here first…! Hoorah…!!!

REMEMBER: we need all the support we can get for our track, call your local DJ, radio station, or email them, ask for them to play our song, tell your friends, your neighbours, download our ringtone… play it at school, at work, at home… England’s gonna bring the Cup back home this year!!!

Fan Mail: Chant Ideas…

February 12, 2010

Thanks for all the support for our “unofficial” World Cup 2010 England song. It’s still months away, but we’re excited at the attention our catchy (albeit corny) little Chant is getting.

We thought this was a great idea from a fan who emailed us, we hope it catches on…

Hi Laddz,

I love the song and I’ll be sure to chant it for the World Cup, but in the meantime I hope you don’t mind me changing it a little and chanting it from the stands. You could write lyrics for all the UK clubs! I just shout out:

“Chant like a Vil-la fan… Come an’ score a goal, if ya fink ya fast enough…!”


Thanks for that idea, Mike. In fact that’s a great thing about our track – you can adapt it to almost any team you support prior to the World Cup. We’d love to hear from any other fans that have started to shout it out at their local games, feel free to change it. Richard prefers:

“Chant like a Man U fan…”

REMEMBER: Full details and lyrics at and follow us

LB’s Top Chat-up Lines…

February 4, 2010

Kick-off’s still a while a away, so we thought we’d fill ya in with some light entertainment whilst we wait… we thought this was rather funny, and we’d love to hear some of your own chat-up one-liners (the cheesier the better, and how well they worked!)

  1. Grab yer coat, you’ve pulled.
  2. It was a toss-up between another beer and shagging you tonight. I guess you’re lucky I ran out of money!
  3. You’re the only girl in here my mates haven’t screwed, so I guess you’re a safe bet.
  4. It might just be that I’m drunk, but I think you’re really sexy. Wanna prove how sexy you are and wake up with me in the morning?
  5. They say, “Every dog has it’s day” well I guess this is your lucky night!
  6. Okay, that’s it for now, post yer comments and your own lines…

Rock on England… 2010 is the year we’ll all get laid more and win the World Cup back!!!

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